A Brief Overview as stated on the RTCM Web Page


The RTCM is chartered in the District of Columbia, USA, as a non-profit scientific and educational organization, focusing on all aspects of maritime radio communications, radio navigation, and related technologies. Since its establishment in 1946, the RTCM has been supported by its member organizations to serve as a focal point to collect and distribute information, and to serve as a catalyst to bring together those in government and in the private sector to work together in developing jointly agreed solutions to both national and international maritime radio communications and radio navigation issues.

RTCM is an organization of international member organizations, who are both government and non-government entities, including manufacturers, sales and service dealers, common carrier and other service providers, maritime user entities representing interests from small recreational craft to deep-sea shipping, educational institutions, labor unions and government agencies.

RTCM keeps its member organizations informed of maritime radio communications and radio navigation policy, regulatory and technical changes worldwide through regular distributions of pertinent documents via e-mail, the work of its Special Committees dealing in depth in areas of particular concern and distribution of their working documents, and its annual week-long symposium known as the RTCM Annual Assembly Meeting.

Working Committees called RTCM Special Committees are chartered to address in depth radio communication and radio navigation areas of concern to the RTCM membership. The output documents and reports prepared by these Committees are usually published as RTCM Recommendations. Currently effective RTCM Recommendations are listed in the RTCM Publication List. These Special Committees are chaired by an expert in the subject matter to be considered, appointed from an RTCM member organization. All RTCM member organizations are eligible to participate in any Special Committee activity dealing with matters of concern to that organization. Participation may be both by mail and through attendance at Committee Meetings. Special Committee output documents in the form of RTCM Recommendations have been widely accepted for both voluntary and mandatory use, and the Special Committees routinely update the Recommendations to reflect ongoing changes in technology. All RTCM member organizations are eligible to participate in the work of the Special Committees, either through attendance at the working meetings or by correspondence.

The RTCM Annual Assembly Meeting, which is open to both RTCM members and non-members, is structured to provide attendees with an overall update on the changing world of maritime radio communications and radio navigation. The program includes a series of paper presentations, panel sessions, workshops, and RTCM Special Committee meetings dealing with issues of current concern to the maritime community. All attendees are invited to participate in all sessions. Through the cooperation of RTCM members exhibitors, latest technology providing radio communications and radio navigation equipment capability capabilities and services will be on display.


Dennis J. Lloyd, CEO of  Musi-Tronics LLC  is a member of this Commission.